Why Movement

Have you noticed that the fitness industry has become incredibly confusing? Marketing messages are everywhere. You need to eat this, you need to train like that. It's all incredibly confusing and 90% of what you're reading or seeing online isn't true. 

So here are the facts. If you want to drop "weight" ( body fat ) all you need to do is reduce your calorie intake. You don't actually need to eat "clean" to get results. You don't even need to exercise, less energy in means you can start to burn fat. But if you want to "tone up" you need to do some resistance training, that could be body weight or with weights like kettle bells or dumbbells. 

Exercise can also get boring. You join the gym, you lift a few weights but there is nobody there to push you or motivate you. Sometimes the gym is full of weights hoggers or classes are too full and you can't get a space. In the end you give up and end up back at square one, still paying a monthly fee for a service you never use. 

The Facts

We only give you the facts about exercise and nutrition. If you want to get from A to B we'll show you the fastest way to get there without all the fitness BS and lies that are in the industry these days.

The Classes

No two classes are ever the same. We take the boredom out of doing exercise. There is an amazing group atmosphere. It's more like playing a team sport than going to the gym. You only need 45 minutes to get a great workout done and we follow every session with a yoga style stretch.

Our Philosophy

Fitness shouldn't be a chore. It should be something you enjoy and make it a consistent part of your life. We train outdoors to get back to nature and breath in some fresh air after long days sitting in air conditioned office blocks. Take 45 minutes out of your day to escape your daily chore.

Why High Intensity Interval Training?

Put simply HIIT is a great way to burn calories. Most of our clients want to shed some extra body fat. HIIT is a great way to create a calorie deficit thus allowing your body to use fat as energy ( provided you don't overdo it on the food ). Building muscle or "toning up" is also a major goal of 99% of our clients. HIIT resistance training works all muscle groups allowing you to build nice tones muscle which will be visible when you burn excess body fat. 

Why group training?

Training with a PT is effective but it can be quiet expensive. When you train as a group you get the benefit of working with a personal trainer but you get to split the cost. The group environment is like working with a team, working with other members of Movement you will be motivated and pushed harder than you have been before. This will help you to achieve results. 

Why train outdoors?

We spend most of out loves in stuffy houses, offices and gyms. It's not good for you. We are meant to be outside. Apart from the health benefits training outdoors means we don't have to pay super expensive rents for a gym space. That means we can pass the savings onto our customers. 

Customer Reviews

"Only started this week but have been loving the classes so far! The classes have been really fun and I've had the chance to try new styles of training such as boxing (which is way harder than it looks 😂)

Everyone there is so friendly and welcoming - I'd highly recommend trying it out!" - Hannah E.