Customer Feedback Feb 2018



First of all, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the feedback form or give me some direct feedback. 

You spoke, I listened and here are the changes. 


  • Most common request = Add an evening class
  • The outcome: From Monday the 19th of March there will be an extra evening class at 6:00 pm and 6:50 pm. 


Most Common request:  Add more core, add more upper body strength.

The Outcome: I'll be introducing new class styles ( and names ). 

Monday & Friday: Spartan - The goal is to help you get leaner, faster and fitter. Monday and Friday will focus on cardio, legs and core. We will start with a core/cardio session and finish with a daily workout. Somedays we will have a full core HIIT session. 

Tuesday and Thursday: Olympia - The focus on will be on upper body strength, including some core work. There will be fewer leg exercises on these days ( but there will be some ) we will finish with a daily workout. 

Wednesday: Street Fighter - HIIT boxing will continue as normal but we'll just have a way cooler name. 

Saturday: The Beast -  This class will remain the same A mixture of all forms of exercise carried out for 1 hour. 

Technique Feedback: There was a request to provide more 1:1 feedback in regards to technique. In the group sessions, it can be hard to focus on an individual, however, if you have a specific goal e.g. I want to do ten pull-ups or twenty push-ups. These are great goals and I can help you with them. The best process here is to

A. email me the goal and I will send you back some educational videos for you to practice at home.

B. Book a time with me after class. Evenings and Saturdays are the best times. I will go through the technique with you after class. 

On another note, I'm releasing a new web series which will be available on Instagram called "Alive in 5" - every day I'll release a new at home HIIT workout which you can do directly from Instagram. It will be 5 exercises performed from 35-45 seconds with a break in-between. You can perform these exercises once, twice, thrice or more depending on how long you want your HIIT workout to be. They can be done anywhere, so you have no excuse not to train anytime, anywhere.  You can access the exercises via my Instagram page here

The App:

There were a few requests her on how to improve the app layout and functionality. It's a third party app so I can't make the changes myself but can suggest these to the app company, Glofox. 

The Website:

There were no specific change requests for the website.

The Facilities:

Overall the feedback here was good. There was a request from some more mats. I'll pick up a few extra mats for groundwork. Alternatively, feel free to bring your own personal mat to class. I'll be phasing them out as the days get warmer and reintroducing them after summer. 

The Price:

In general, people were happy with the price, with most people believing the service is fairly priced. That said I wanted to explain how the price is set and how I've passed the savings to members. 

Firstly I love outdoor training. It gets you back to nature and out of a stuffy house or office. Breathing some fresh air into your lungs. When I moved back to Ireland I thought that nobody would be into outdoor training, however having worked form Fitness Bootcamp I realised that people shared my passion and there were up to 40+ members training outside at classes. 

When I looked at starting my own fitness business in Ireland I considered commercial premises. However, with soaring rents in Dublin and very specific building requirements, I thought there must be an easier way to give members a great workout experience without charging them a super high price. The answer lay in my favourite place to train, outside. 

Renting an outdoor facility allowed me to reduce the costs of setting up a fitness business. I wanted to pass this cost onto members and still give you same high standard workout experience as you would expect from a reputable CrossFit gym or F45 gym. A good CrossFit gym or an F45 has a price point of approximately €200/month. 3XB Training is €89 for a monthly membership and goes down to €69 for an annual membership.

Of course, there are cheaper alternatives like Fitness Bootcamp. The price point here is €45 per month. However, you only get access to 2 classes a week at this price point. At 3XB Training, you currently get access to 16 classes a week and from the 19th of March, this will be increased to 21 classes per week. As the business and membership continue to grow I will continue to add in a more extensive timetable. 

The Trainer:

Out of ten, he scored a big fat ZERO. To be fair the guy was a dead weight, we were going to have to let him go at some point. Trim the fat so to speak. 

p.s. Thanks for the kind words ;)

It's not too late to have your say. You can send me your feedback here