What does putting members first actually mean?

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When I worked at LinkedIn there was, and still is, a huge emphasis on company culture. There were three company values that really stood out for me. 

  1. Act Like an Owner

  2. Members First

  3. Relationships Matter

As a business owner, I take the second to values very seriously and try to implement them in the running of 3XB. Because, without you, the members, there is no business and there is no 3XB. So I need to have your best interests at heart. I try to keep this in mind when I'm planning classes, developing timetables and creating interesting forms of exercise.


Last week was week four of 3XB and here is what I did to try and put members first. I realised that HIIT can be quite intimidating for those who have not done it before. The two-week free trial gives customers the option to try before you buy and decide if HIIT is for you. However, I realised from talking to potential members that the human touch is sometimes required. On that note, I added a new feature to the website "book a free consultation". If you are not sure of your fitness goals or just want to talk about HIIT you can easily book a consultation via the website. Sure even if you just want to chat about the rugby then book away. 

I also noticed that some members required a greater variety of weights during the class. Last week I purchase a number of new dumbells, kettlebells, mats, barbells and weights to make your experience at class even better. I will continue to add to the variety of equipment to ensure the best member experience and fun classes. 

Relationships matter too. I'm trying to build a community of fitness friends. On Saturday's after class, we go for breakfast at Encore cafe in the Merrion Centre. Breakfast is at 12 to give us all time for a quick shower. Although I'm not available after class this Saturday I'd like to encourage members to link up together and make some new acquaintances.  Having lived away myself for ten years I'm finding new friends and groups have been a core part of my life in the last year. So, let's be friends :)

Lastly, I'd like to say that it is a startup so I'm open to suggestion. I may not be able to implement every idea but I'd love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions you can contact me directly on contact@bondibeachbodies.com or by phone on +353 89 981 8810.