Setting You Fitness Goals for Bootcamp:


This time of year I ask a lot of people what their fitness goals are. These are the most common replies I get.

1. Lose weight

2. Get toned

3. Improve my fitness.

The challenge with these goals is that they are not specific. Let's start with the first reply. I want to lose weight. The real reply should be I want to burn fat. For example, you might burn fat and build muscle and look amazing but your weight could go up. 

What about I want to get toned. Well, what does that actually mean toned? Usually, it means you want to see muscles hidden under fat. So, therefore, the goal is, I want to burn fat.

I want to improve my fitness. What do you actually want to achieve, do you want to run a marathon? 

The point here is that you need to be specific about your goals. 

Let's take a look at my client Killian. What were his goals? - you can see his results here

1. He wanted to go from 100kg to under 90kg. A very specific goal. 

2. He wanted to walk around the golf course without getting out of breath.

These are two very specific goals and they were realistic. He wanted to do this is 6 weeks. They were also times. So to use the business acronym make your goals SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. 


I would say that 80% of the clients I have ever trained actually have one goal and it's this. I want to burn fat. If this is your goal, how are you going to do it?

1. Science: The science of losing weight fewer calories in 

2. Exercise: Burn more calories

Let's keep it simple. 

Food = Calories

Calories = Energy

Fat = Stored Energy

Exercise = Calorie Burner

Your body needs a certain amount of calories to survive. Give it too many and you are telling your body store this as fat.

Reduce your caloric intake below your requirements and your body dips into your energy reserves and burns fat. 

If you exercise your body needs more energy to complete the activity. If you have fewer calories, ( food in your body ) you will tap into your energy reserves and start to burn fat.

So, can I now ask you, what is your fitness goal? Make it SMART

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