Start-Up Life: Episode 1

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I wanted to start this blog for the members of 3XB because without you the business does not exist. No members, no business. It's as simple as that. On that note, I wanted to answer a few questions I've been asked, talk a bit about the challenges of starting a new business and tell you about the week that was at 3XB.

Answering some questions:

What is 3XB?

A lot of people have been asking me what is 3XB, well it stands for three by B, the three B's of Bondi Beach Bodies. Bondi Beach Bodies is a bit of a mouthful, especially on social media. In time I'm looking to shorten the name to 3 by B or 3XB.

What do I need to bring to class?

I recommend bringing the following items

  1. Gloves - it can get cold on the hands when you are down on the ground. 
  2. A yoga mat - if you have an old yoga mat bring it down to put on the floor at certain stations.
  3. Boots - if you have some footie boots you may wish to bring them, they help on a slippy day. Always bring runners too as we will train on a hard surface from time to time.
  4. Layers - It's always good to layer up and then strip down as you get warmer. 

Start-Up Mode

My policy at 3XB is members first. I took this value from LinkedIn, where one of the company values is members first. With this in mind, I've tried to make the website easy to navigate and book a class, I've added live chat to the website and new members can also book a free 30-minute fitness consultation before coming to class. Feedback is always welcome on the website, the app and classes. The more feedback I get the better the service I can provide.

Knowing my weakness is key to improving the business. I've worked in corporate sales all my life. I've been teaching fitness since 2011. More core skill set is sales and fitness training. However, marketing is an area where my skills are not 100% up to scratch. I studied marketing in university but I have not applied those skills to digital marketing. So last week I went to meet a digital marketer to help build up the membership base at 3XB. More members, better service. That's the plan. As always feedback is always welcome. Marketing tips are very welcome. 

A week in the life of 3XB:

People always say follow your passion, right! But sometimes this is the most unpractical advice you can ever get. Why? Becuase bills need to be paid. 3XB officially launched on January 20th, 2018 but it's been a long time in the making. 

In 1995 I got my first weightlifting certificate. In 1998 I started coaching rugby while still in high school. In 2011 I qualified as a PT and have been teaching fitness part time before and after work. This passion has been 23 years in the making. Now I'm ready to go all in, bet it all on black. 

One of my first jobs in Australia, in 2007, was for a startup called Moshtix, they were a digital ticketing company. I remember the founder, Hamish, giving me some great advice. He told me to work in sales, make some capital and then go for it. If it works it works, if it fails you can always go back to sales. So there you have it, it's all fitness now. I'm going all in and hoping to bring you, my clients, the best classes, service and as we grow facilities. 

Fitness is not my only passion. I also love music. Last Friday I DJ's at Yoga Sound System, an event I created with Co-Founder, Rachael O'Hegarty. If you want to check out our events go to and follow us on Instagram - here

I once told myself that if I could spend my life in a tracksuit I'd be a happy man. Last week part of that dream came through with the launch of 3XB hoodies. You can check out the blog post about it here and the range here

See you all at class!