3XB Launches New Hoodie Range:

3XB Hoodies


For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to create my own brand of clothing. Fitness has always been a passion of mine. With the launch of Bondi Beach Bodies, I thought why the hell not.

Ok, so I'm a long way away from Bondi Beach now and I needed to find clothing that was going to withstand the harsh Irish winters. As a kid, I always remember having Russell Athletic top which kept me warm during the winter months. I always remember the hoodies being a great fit and made from a high-quality material. I played a lot of sport as a kid so I needed a breathable material too. Russel Athletic was the perfect brand to partner with to produce high-quality 3XB clothing. 

I currently have an arrangement with a local printer who will print each item individually to fit your size. I like black, so we are starting off with a range of black hoodies with the Bondi Beach Bodies yellow contrasted against the dark colours to create a stand out fitness hoodies.

On Saturday the 27th of January 2018 we did our first photo shoot on Sandymount Strand, which is clearly a thousand times better than the shores of Bondi. The Poolbeg towers in the background and the old baths made the perfect setting for a windswept photoshoot.

if you want to grab yourself a 3XB Hoodie visits the SHOP section on the website where you will find men and women's hoodies in a variety of sizes.