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Ronan Mahon

Ronan is the founder of 3XB Training. Ronan trained as a personal trainer in Sydney Australia in 2011 before moving back to Ireland in 2016. He received his first weight lifting certificate in 1997 while training for at St. Michaels College in Dublin. 

Ronan is passionate about sports and fitness and the benefits they bring to people's lives. He's on mission to help people change their outlook on fitness by focusing on the facts around exercise and nutrition. 

When he's not teaching fitness you can find Ronan spinning tunes as a DJ.

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Gareth McNamara

Gareth is our resident fitness instructor at 3XB. He's also a highly skilled, deadly weapon. He teaches HIIT and HIIT boxing at 3XB. 

When he's not teaching HIIT classes he is a Brazilian Jujutsu coach. He trains with none other than "The Notorious" himself, Conor McGregor and McGregor's head coach, John Kavanagh.