Are you looking for HIIT classes near Sandymount?

If you're looking for HIIT classes in Samdymount then Bondi Beach Bodies HIIT classes is the one for you. These HIIT classes are a short walk from Sandymount DART station.

Location of HIIT Classes:

Bondi Beach Bodies is located at Wanderers Rugby Club. This is conveniently located close to Sandymount and Sydney Parade Dart station and several bus routes as listed below.

What facilities are available?

  • Parking

  • Toilets

  • Changing Rooms

  • Mixed Showers ( bring your togs )

What is a HIIT class?

Do you want to take your strength and fitness to the next level, do you want to burn fat and build muscle? If the answer to these questions is yes the HIIT classes in Sandymount is a great way to get the results you want. HIIT is short for high intensity interval training, you probable already know this, that's how you find this web page, right? Essentially you will do a short period of exercise to the maximum ability of your body for a short time. Hight Intensity exercise helps burn calories and as we all know, burning calories is the key to burning fat by helping to create a caloric deficit. 

What should I expect at a HIIT class?

The one thing you should expect is that no two HIIT classes will be the same. HIIT classes in Sandymount are always different. We like to change up the routines and exercises. You will use a combination of weights and body weight during either strength training or cardio and fitness training. There is a strong emphasis on working at your own pace and level of intensity. What is intense for you might be easy for someone very fit but the key is to focus on your journey and not the person beside you. Friendly trainers are always there to help and progress or regress an exercise. 

Why should I do a HIIT class?

I'm guessing you have already made a decision that something needs to change for health reasons. HIIT classes are great places to meet friends and HIIT partners who will motivate you to achieve you goals. The classes are quick and we have classes almost every day of the week to suit your hectic schedule. 

What should I bring to a HIIT class?

In winter you need to keep warm, layer up. Lots of jackets, a hat and gloves and maybe even a yoga mat to stop you getting damp on a wet day. Layer up to start and take off clothing as you get warmer. We train outdoors so bring some boots if you have them for the grass and always bring runners. 

How do I book a HIIT class?

If you would like to book a HIIT class in Sandymount simply download the app or book online. Don't forget your 2 week free trial before you become a paid member. 


See the results of HIIT training.

Killian lost almost 2.5 stone in 6 weeks. Burning fat and building lean muscle through diet and exercise. Watch the video below to see his journey from unhealthy and overweight to strong, lean and healthy. 

Get your two week free trial today!

Want to try before you buy? Not a problem at all, try out 2 week free trial. Simply register online or on the app and select the two week free trial. You can then start booking unlimited classes for two weeks before signing up to a full membership

Check out the class timetable

We have a range of different HIIT classes designed to suit all levels of fitness. Check out the HIIT classes below. 


Find Bondi Beach Bodies




BUS ROUTES 5, 7, 7A, 18, 27X, 45, 8


Street View

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Bondi Beach Bodies is shared with Wanderers Rugby Club and the following facilities are available to members. Members must respect the clubs rules and regulations. 

Parking is available on site

Toilets available on site

Changing rooms available on site

Mixed Showers available on site ( men and women's - communal showers, bring your togs )