Are you looking for HIIT classes in Dublin?

Well you have come to the right place. Bondi Beach Bodies HIIT classes in Dublin were originally created in Australia. These HIIT classes were brought to Dublin by Irish/Australian Ronan Mahon.

Location of HIIT Classes:

Bondi Beach Bodies is located at Wanderers Rugby Club. This is conveniently located close to Sandymount and Sydney Parade Dart station and several bus routes as listed below.

What facilities are available?

  • Parking

  • Toilets

  • Changing Rooms

  • Mixed Showers ( bring your togs )

What is a HIIT class?

In a nutshell a HIIT class is a high intensity interval training class. It does exactly what it says on the tin. You do a designated exercise for a period of time and then you take a break often times repeating that exercise two or three times.

What should I expect at a HIIT class?

The HIIT classes at Bondi Beach Bodies last approximately 45 minutes. HIIT classes include a warm up, the session and a cool down. The classes are designed for people off all fitness levels. You are advised to go at your own pace and intensity and work up to a high intensity over the course of days, weeks, month and years.

Why should I do a HIIT class?

Many people like doing HIIT classes as the are quick, can be fun but never too easy. The goal is to push yourself and do your best at each class. HIIT classes burn a lot of calories, this can help with fat burning especially when you couple it with a good diet.  HIIT classes are also a great way to build lean muscle as you will be using body weight or weights to strengthen your muscles.

What should I bring to a HIIT class?

In the winter months I advise to wrap up. Layering is the best. You can peel down when you get warm at the HIIT class. We train on grass so bringing boot is a good idea, always bring runners too. A bottle of water is advisable and an old yoga mate if you want to keep off the grass.

How do I book a HIIT class?

There is a two week free trial at Bondi Beach Bodies HIIT classes. Check below for membership options.


See the results of HIIT training.

Killian lost almost 2.5 stone in 6 weeks. Burning fat and building lean muscle through diet and exercise. Watch the video below to see his journey from unhealthy and overweight to strong, lean and healthy. 

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Want to try before you buy? Not a problem at all, try out 2 week free trial. Simply register online or on the app and select the two week free trial. You can then start booking unlimited classes for two weeks before signing up to a full membership

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We have a range of different HIIT classes designed to suit all levels of fitness. Check out the HIIT classes below. 


Find Bondi Beach Bodies




BUS ROUTES 5, 7, 7A, 18, 27X, 45, 8


Street View

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Bondi Beach Bodies is shared with Wanderers Rugby Club and the following facilities are available to members. Members must respect the clubs rules and regulations. 

Parking is available on site

Toilets available on site

Changing rooms available on site

Mixed Showers available on site ( men and women's - communal showers, bring your togs )