Are you looking for HIIT classes in Ballsbridge?

Bondi Beach Bodies, HIIT classes located in Ballsbridge. We're happy to say that we are the number one HIIT class in Ballsbridge, this is self nominated of course but sure why not give us and go and decide if HIIT class in Ballsbridge is the one for you.

Location of HIIT Classes:

Bondi Beach Bodies is located at Wanderers Rugby Club. This is conveniently located close to Sandymount and Sydney Parade Dart station and several bus routes as listed below. HIIT classes in the heart of Ballsbridge. 

What facilities are available?

  • Parking

  • Toilets

  • Changing Rooms

  • Mixed Showers ( bring your togs )

What is a HIIT class?

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. This means you will be training different muscle groups at a high intensity for short periods of time. The idea is to give it your all while the clock is on and rest and recover when the clock stops. High intensity exercise is a great way to burn calories and lead to fat loss by helping to create a caloric deficit in conjunction with your diet. 

What should I expect at a HIIT class?

HIIT classes can be a lot of fun. Well, we like to think so. Expect different exercises every time. Expect to work your whole body. Expect to fee energised after class. Expect some good company to work out with. The classes are only 45 minutes long so you will be finished in no time. We warm up to start with a nice cool down at the end. 

Why should I do a HIIT class?

Why shouldn't you do a HIIT class? Unless you have a very bad injury HIIT classes are perfect as you can work at your own pace of your own level of intensity. Trainers will help you move through to the next level of intensity of it the exercise is too hard and your form and technique is not quite there yet the exercise will be regressed to allow you work hard but stay safe. 

What should I bring to a HIIT class?

Let's keep you warm in winter. Hat, gloves and layers. Peel off as you get warm. We train on the grass so bring some runners and boots if you have them. Lots of clients like to bring a yoga mat to stay dry of the grass is a little wet from time to time. 

How do I book a HIIT class?

You can book a HIIT class in Ballsbridge by registering below, selecting a two week free trial and picking the class you wish to attend. We can't wait to see you down at class. 


See the results of HIIT training.

Killian lost almost 2.5 stone in 6 weeks. Burning fat and building lean muscle through diet and exercise. Watch the video below to see his journey from unhealthy and overweight to strong, lean and healthy. 

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We have a range of different HIIT classes designed to suit all levels of fitness. Check out the HIIT classes below. 


Find Bondi Beach Bodies




BUS ROUTES 5, 7, 7A, 18, 27X, 45, 8


Street View

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Bondi Beach Bodies is shared with Wanderers Rugby Club and the following facilities are available to members. Members must respect the clubs rules and regulations. 

Parking is available on site

Toilets available on site

Changing rooms available on site

Mixed Showers available on site ( men and women's - communal showers, bring your togs )