What is Movement Fitness?


Movement Fitness is an outdoor HIIT class. The class inspired by different disciplines of exercise including bootcamps, crossfit, cross training, pilates and yoga. I take elements from each discipline and incorporate them into the class. 


What should I expect from Movement Fitness HIIT Classes?


Each HIIT class consists of a dynamic warm up. This style of warm up gets your body moving to prepare you for the exercises ahead. Once you have warmed up an instructor will talk you through the difference exercises. The classes themselves will consist of high intensity interval training also commonly known as HIIT. This is where you perform one exercise at a high intensity. But what do we mean by high intensity? Well for example if you were to go for a run and you started off with a slow jog this would be considered low intensity, if you found yourself at the foot of a hill and decided to sprint up ten times this would be considered high intensity. The intervals work in bursts of time. Let’s say for example you may be asked to to perform a series of burpees for 30 seconds. The goal here would be to perform the most burpees possible in 30 seconds while maintaining a good form during the movement.


Each class will vary. In some classes you will use body weight for resistance. An example could be a push up or sit up. In other classes you will use weights, or kettlebells or medicine balls for resistance. The instructor will show you the proper form and technique for the exercise. If the exercise is too hard for you to perform you can perform the exercise without the weights or a regression of the exercise will be show to you to help you complete the round of exercise.


The structure if the class will typically be a full body workout, followed by core and abs, and some cardio exercise.


Why it’s better to do a bootcamp than going to the gym.


1. The Results: The results speak for themselves. If you haven’t watched Killian’s video then take a look now. Each class is designed to burn up to 1,000 calories and increase your resting metabolic rate. This means that you keep burning calories even when class is finished.


2. The People: Training alone can often be difficult, especially when you don’t know the exact techniques. Gyms can often be crowded and no weights or machines are available. With bootcamp you have great people to show you the ropes ( sometimes battle ropes ) you will also meet other like minded people looking to get results which will help motivate you. There is also a vast amount of space. You aren’t simply crammed inside a tiny gym that charges cheap prices to pack as many people in as possible.


3.The Price: With Bondi Beach Bodies you get a group training experience, this is a lot more cost effective than a personal trainer saving you money and getting you the best possible training advice and techniques.

4. The Weather: We are humans, we are meant to be outside. We aren't mean to be in a heater or air conditioned room all day or sitting on a bus or in a car. Get back to nature, train outdoors. Be a human.


Where can you find us:


3XB Training is located in Wanderers Rugby Club on the Merrion Road. This is conveniently located near Sandymount and Sydney Parade Dart Station. It is also on the following bus routes 5, 7, 7A, 18, 27X, 8