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Joined for the free two week trial and signed up as a paying member after just two sessions - really fun, dynamic training that varies every single day with no session the same. If you're looking to get fit outdoors in a no judgement atmosphere then 3XB is definitely for you. 5/5 can't recommend enough

- Shane F

First ever class I’ve really enjoyed! The 45 minutes flies by because of the variety of workouts and enthusiasm of Ronan the instructor. Ronan tailors the classes exactly to your needs and levels which made it so much more doable after months of being lazy! I’d highly recommend 3XB for any ability!

- Ruth H

Only started this week but have been loving the classes so far! The classes have been really fun and I've had the chance to try new styles of training such as boxing (which is way harder than it looks 😂)

Everyone there is so friendly and welcoming - I'd highly recommend trying it out!

- Hannah E

Really effective workout in just 45 minutes, Ronan knows how to push and motivate you and it's always good fun. I've even started hating burpees a little less.

- Sabine B

Fantastic classes- loads of time/day options, only 45 mins and Ronan is a great trainer. Highly recommend.

- Lorraine J

I was a loud and proud heavy weight lifting kinda girl...go to a gym on my own, headphones on and stacking as many plates on the bar as I could handle.

Ronan had been going on at me for months to try one of his classes and it was straight up NO. I hated the thought of working out with others, not lifting heavy and sweating the bit out. When he started 3XB I wanted to support him as best I could in his new venture so, with much stubbornness I tagged along to his first class... I. LOVED. IT!!

The 45 mins flies by, there's so much variation day to day, no one class is the same, there's weights too so you get the added benefits of that, you're outside in the fresh air and the community he's built up down there is the best, everyone gets on so well, it's so encouraging and great craic which makes the classes more enjoyable.

Ronan as a trainer is top class... he knows how to keep everyone motivated, he's good Craic and doesn't take himself too seriously which gives the class a less intense atmosphere. And even if there's a lot of people there he's always on hand to correct form, give guidance and provide alternatives for any injuries.

I'm proud to say I'm a total convert to HIIT training, 45 mins, go as hard you can you'll feel dam good after. Working out outdoors is so underrated, even if it's pouring down it doesn't matter, it's only 45 mins... get down and dirty and get it done, you won't regret a sesh at 3XB!

- Meagan A

I have tried a variety of exercises before but haven't really found anything that would've kept me interested long-term. However, now I've been training with 3XB since January and wouldn't change it to anything!! I'm actually excited to go to each class, how weird is that?!

The combination of weights and cardio (and boxing!) gives you a deadly full-body exercise and I love the variety, no class is the same! The atmosphere in the 3XB group is amazing and Ronan as a trainer is very professional, motivating and patient (with my hate towards cardio ).

Can't recommend 3XB enough, give it a try and get hooked! 

Ps. The early morning classes are the best thing since sliced cheese - and I used to really hate mornings!! 

- Ulla S

I never been into fitness, and never trained in my life ! I have a chronic back, shoulder & neck pain for the last 4 years and on my journey of getting better through all sort of physical therapies, yoga, Pilates, swimming, alternative medicine, nutrition etc.. this training is by far the best thing I've done for my chronic pain ! At the start of the challenge I was very very slow and weak as I had no strength and core. But I challenged my self and keep pushing while being cautious of my injury. I am now able to lift heavier weights, train harder and my pain is almost gone !

I never though I would be able to do such a training with my pain and that it would help after being in pain for so so long ! I 100% recommend this training and more particularly Ronan the trainer. He always find alternative exercises adapted to you if you have an injury or you are not strong enough yet. Most importantly he is able to listen and advise you the best possible way by in same time push you to overcome, challenge yourself. His nutrition tips are on the top too ! Give it a shot, nothing to lose everything to gain !
PS: I lost 4.63% total body weight in just 6 weeks !!!!

- Charlotte G

Brilliant Bootcamp classes - would highly recommend. I joined up after the two week free trial. Love the morning class times and the 45minute classes - each one is different from the next. Delighted to have found it.

- Susan O

After two indulgent years in Canada I moved back to Ireland & started training with Ronan at 3XB. I'm in my fourth week now and can't believe the difference to my overall fitness & body shape already. Every class is different which keeps you engaged & I can honestly say that the 45 mins fly by. Even though we usually train in a group, Ronan is brilliant at checking in on each individual & making sure that they are doing the different exercises properly. The classes are great fun and you really feel like you've achieved something at the end of each one. I'm looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with 3XB & would highly recommend trying a class if you're interested in kick-starting & maintaining a better, fitter life!

- Jess M

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