HIIT Boxing Classes- 45 Minutes

Box HIIT is a 45 minute, high intensity interval training, boxing class. You will learn boxing technique as well as improving your overall cardio fitness. You will team up with a partner for each class for 3 and 4 minute rounds of boxing guided by an instructor.  The classes are outdoor to help you get back to nature the way it was intended. 

Strength HIIT classes - 45 Minutes

During this class you will use kettle bells, dumb bells, bar weights, body weight, sandbags and more to improve your strength, body tone and core. 

Cardio & Resistance HIIT classes  - 45 Minutes

During this class you will use weights, bodyweight mixed with cardio to improve your strength and fitness. 

X-Train  - 45 Minutes

This is a fitness class inspired by cross training and cross fit. It involves weights and cardio activities. 



This is an hour long class every Saturday. It is a mix of 3XB cardio & Resistance and 3XB strength. Earn your Saturday. 


THE 3XB - 28 Day Challenge

The 28 Day challenge is the best way to get in shape in a short period of time.