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28 Day Body Transformation


Ballsbridge & Donnybrook

Starts Saturday March 30th

Morning and Evening Classes, Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs & Sat.

28 Day Challenge - €89

28 Day Challenge + Tailored Nutrition Plan - €189

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Learn how to make long lasting results to your body and your fitness


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Jess McGrath - Ireland’s 1st Challenge Winner

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Jess McGrath - Results

Chest  - Reduced by 3.8%

 Waist - Reduced by 8% ( 15 cms )

Hips - Reduced by 3.4%

 Over Body Weight - 2% 


Who is it for

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  1. People who are committed to making life long changes to their body and mind

  2. People who are confused by the incorrect nutritional information on the market place

  3. People who want to have fun while working out and not get bored of the same old routine

  4. People who want to take back control of their weight, their sleep and their energy levels

  5. People who don’t want to diet and enjoy the food they love while staying in shape

What do you get

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  1. The only nutrition guidance you’ll ever need to burn unwanted body fat

  2. Measurements, before and after pictures and starting and finish weights

  3. Unlimited access to HIIT classes. High Intensity Interval Training is one of the best ways to create a calorie deficit while getting a complete body workout to build lean, toned muscle

  4. Access to top quality certified personal trainers

  5. Work with like minded individuals who will support you in your journey and encourage you along the way

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More Client Testimonials

p.s. We used to be called 3XB, short for Bondi Beach Bodies, because we started in Australia down on Bondi Beach

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Wanderers Rugby Club, Merrion Road, Ballsbridge


Bective Rugby Club, Donnybrook Stadium, 4 Donnybrook Road



Morning Classes



6:15 am & 7:05 am



10:30 am




6:30 pm



6:45 pm